Custom Built laboratory

New challenges had to be met on this special conversion.

In brief, the specification was to make a "laboratory"  It had to have  3 phase electrics installed with some 40 double sockets, 6 industrial outlets, lights and control gear.
The main access doors had to remain open in up to 100 MPH winds, a steel bulkhead with doors had to be installed 3 feet into the standard size 20 foot long container.

An Air conditioning unit along with electrical outlets and Gas bottles had to all fit within the main doors and the steel bulkhead and all be weather proof.
The internal part of the container was to be lined and insulated whilst the outside must have no protrusions so as to remain  within the ISO regulations for shipping.

The internal bulkhead was to contain all the specified fitments, that along with a wide doorway access that used up half the available fixing space meant that we had to make it all fit like a hand in a glove.
We had the glove..... and made a hand to fit into it perfectly.

Top Left
A weather proof enclosure with industrial outlets was fitted to the steel bulkhead. The Air conditioning heat exchanger was fitted below and vented to the outside. The pipe work that runs up to the AC Blower above the doors has been enclosed in a steel channel to prevent mechanical damage.

Top Right
Gas cylinder mounts were made and installed to hold Gas cylinders in place, holes through the bulk head to the internal room for gas lines to pass through.

All the fitments in the first three foot of the container had to avoid work bench height and the internal fitments to the opposite side of the walls.

Air conditioning unit piped up & ready to feed the internal blower.


Steel Internal Bulkhead door with security key pad lock, Windows & removable steel shutters.
Above the doors the Internal blower system is mounted & ducted into main room.


The power inlet was made accessible from the outside.

A flush mounted steel enclosure was let into the side of the container. This was then fully welded into a frame that was welded to the main load bearing beams to comply with ISO.

A 63amp power inlet was then fitted and a removable door manufactured to prevent mechanical damage and for shipping purposes.


The same was done for the exhaust fan of the air conditioning heat exchange unit.

When finished both the AC and power inlet had removable covers.

The power inlet had to fall just within the main room and the Exhaust fan had to just fall the other side of the steel bulkhead and line up exactly with the heat exchanger.

Tolerances were tighter than a tight thing!


The main internal room was fitted with high grade fire resistant insulation then fully lined to all walls, ceiling and internal doors.

The electrical installation then was able to commence. A distribution board was tailor made to incorporate volt & ampere meters, switchable from three to single phase & a host of safety features built in, to meet the customers requirements. This then also fed three independent ring mains consisting of 40 double sockets. Data sockets were also fitted into the trunking.


More sockets than you could shake a stick at!!


The bulkhead doors being a non standard size and needing to give high security and remain strong,  were made from steel. A keypad lock, windows with removable shutters, vents to the bottom and finished internally with insulation and boarded to complement the high grade finish of the internal room.

Other features to note is the flush Air Conditioning blower above the doors, Ventilation fan,  Gas pipe inlet holes & Cable duct with flap.

Many skills had to be applied and merged to complete this conversion and we are proud that all the work was done 'in house' by our team of craftsmen, benefiting the customer with an efficient, cost effective product.







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