We think, fair to say this 40' x 20' garage would be a 'deluxe' version by anybody's standards., 

This conversion was built from two 40' standard shipping containers with the sides removed and a 4' wide pre manufactured bridging fabrication to achieve the customers full permissible width of 20 feet.

Due to the huge spans and completely open plan required inside, some roof strengthening was necessary.

A 12' wide electric roller shutter door was fitted to one side and fitted so as not to encroach on head space.

Doubling up as a games room high grade fire resistant insulation then fully lined to all walls, ceiling and internal doors was all pre fitted at our factory leaving only finishing to be done on site.

At the customers discretion a heavy duty laminate floor was laid as we was unable to obtain any guarantee from the makers regarding the driving of vehicles over such a flooring.

The electric remote control roller shutter door, telephone, doorbell, linked fire alarms and full alarm system are all linked back from the main dwelling.

Activation of the door also turns on outside flood lighting (but only if it is during dusk) and courtesy lights inside the garage. 

Manually operated is a second heating system and huge extraction fan to vent any car fumes quickly away.



Many skills had to be applied and merged to complete this conversion and we are proud that all the work was done 'in house' by our team of craftsmen, benefiting the customer with an efficient, cost effective product.

A tailor made control panel was designed and installed to incorporate protected Ring main for sockets, lights, security lights, electrically operated door, alarm interface, automated lighting interface and a host of power relays to facilitate remote operation from both the original dwelling and radio control.


Heavy duty steel shelving was required and manufactured to the exact size to fit & utilise space efficiently.

We are able to provide such things at a fraction of the cost of standard domestic type shelving systems.

Our customer told us that the completed conversion came in at approximately the same cost as just the footings and concrete floor required for a brick built building.

We was polite, however it came as no surprise to us!


Other features included:

Fire exit door built into the original twin opening standard container doors.

Emergency lighting

Fully insulated with fire retardant insulation.

Fully panelled with our high grade laminate boarding






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