Football Clubs Shower, Changing, Toilet
& Club house 

This container conversion was for a Football club who required a building to facilitate both themselves and the away team.

Starting Lineups

1 Shower Facilities
2 Toilet
3 Changing room
4 Heating
5 Lights
6 Two 40' Containers
7 Pedestrian doors
8 Windows
9 Shutters
10 High Security
11 Water Tank

Pre Match Warm-up

Two 40 foot long containers were bought in to our workshop for the conversion.
They were to be joined together to give enough space for all the facilities required.
Work started by removing two sides to enable a area of 40' X 16' and many internal walls and doors were installed to make the individual rooms.

Pedestrian doors and Windows with high security shutters are manufactured and fitted by our specialised team.

The containers are totally fitted out and then spray painted in house prior to delivery to give the customer minimum inconvenience.

The large internal shower areas were built to an 'open plan' style and a huge water tank with its own steel fabricated fully insulated enclosure was fitted to the outside roof to cope with the high demand for piping hot water at a discerning water pressure.

The showers heads and controls are all fed from the water tank to eliminate any fluctuations in water temperature or pressure. The showers are in a fully tiled waterproof area of the main shower room.

Kick Off

Ground works were well underway at site, Services were laid on ready for the delivery of the converted containers.

A simple block built foundation, one at each far end of the containers is all that was necessary to support the two 40 foot containers.

With work completed at our workshops, the first goal was about to be delivered.
As can be seen in the photo below, the oppositions goal keeper didn't stand a chance keeping this one out of the net!

Before any Ref could blow his whistle the second one was swung in ready for the final, fully weatherproof joining of the two containers.

The Containers arrive at site fully fitted, all plumbing, electrics, panelled and insulated walls and ceilings, heavy duty vinyl flooring, the transformation is extremely quick.

Shower room and utility area (please note we overlay the flooring with cardboard to keep the floor clean)

An external steel shutter slides up over the window, operated and locked from inside the container.

We offer a personal, prompt and efficient service supplying any type of secure mobile unit to suite all your needs.

Customers are welcome to view our completed units or work in progress at our premises in Essex.


The finished conversion, including the water tank on the roof.





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